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Robert Bornstein Magazine Media


Holiday Hit List (Ocean Drive Magazine)

Robert's Horticulture Therapy Consultants featured in Holiday Hit List: Ocean Drive's Fanciful guide...
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Perfect Potpourri (South Florida Magazine)

According to Webster, potpourri is the French term for "a jar of flowers, petals and spices used for scent...
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Fairchild's Education Department Expands Its Horizons (Fairchild Garden News)

"When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel very good, but then I remembered I was coming to Fairchild on a field trip...
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Job requirements: a green thumb (Memorial Times)

You may have seen him. He guides a cart filled with potting soil, plastic pots and green cuttings through the hallways and up and down the elevators...
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Implanting Horticultural Therapy (Vital Signs)

Horticulture Therapy offers another avenue of expression for patients at the Renfrew Center, a comprehensive women's mental health care facility in Coconut Creek...
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