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Robert Bornstein Services


Robert has an exciting and energetic personality and is at ease in front of a large television audience, lecturing on a college campus or simply entertaining future gardeners.


Create and host a variety of garden shows to a multitude of TV networks including: Discovery Channel, Disney and Nickelodeon, Fit TV, Food Network, HGTV, History Channel, Lifetime, TLC, Travel Channel. Including Gardening for Seniors, Gardening on a budget, Green Gardening, Cooking with unusual fruits herbs and plants, Exercising in the garden, Gardening with children.

Corporate Events

Guest speaker at regional or national meetings to motivate, enlighten and improve the attitude of employees though horticulture. Topics such as home remedies from the backyard, aromatherapy, the miracle of honey, how to grow your own fruits and vegetables, nature crafts, going green at home. These topics and a multitude of others ease the strain of high pressure meetings and provide a needed rest from the rigors of corporate life.

Colleges and Universities

Students get caught up in grades, studies and the pressures of academic life. By introducing lifestyle changes early in their college life, they will have a solid foundation to meet their college goals and later in their future careers. Robert discusses the following topics:
  • How to get a good night’s sleep: herbal remedies
  • How to eat the right cafeteria food: fruits and vegetables to the rescue
  • How to deal with stress and worry: aromatherapy and stress reduction exercise
  • How to juggle study pressures with exercise: how and what to do
  • How to take care of yourself if you are getting sick: Herbal remedies
  • How to cure the home sickness blues: Plant based products to the rescue.

Cruise Ships

Refreshing enhanced programming with a multitude of new topics to include horticulture wellness, aromatherapy, nature crafts, flower arranging from the backyard, going green, herbs for your health, home remedies from the backyard, the miracle of potpourri. Lecture discussions will rotate with hands on projects.

Appearances Nationwide

Home Shows, Convention Centers, Wellness Seminars. Spas, Retreats.

Horticultural Therapy DVD's

Step by step guides to improve your life. Going Green in the Garden: Safe and healthy ways to garden and save the planet, Holiday home crafts made straight from the garden, Exercise techniques for a garden workout, Home remedies from the back yard, Gardening on a budget, Gardening shortcuts for people who think they don't have time to garden.