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CBS Channel 4 News: Palm Segment
(time: 00:02:08)
Robert discusses the wide variety of palms available to grow in South Florida, how to maintain them and resources where they can be purchased.
CBS Channel 4 News: Pepper Segment
(time: 00:02:49)
Robert explains how to plant small starter plants purchased at the nursery and their care. The health benefits of peppers is also highlighted.
CBS Channel 4 News: Mango Segment
(time: 00:03:23)
South Florida is the country's leading mango producer, watch as Robert gives us an informative view of this delicious fruit.
CBS Channel 4 News: Plant Propagation
(time: 00:01:59)
Robert explains how to grow new plants from cuttings.
Deco Drive: Viva Las Vegas SegmentV (time: 00:02:02)
Robert featured as a 1960's sleazy Las Vegas character.
CBS Channel 4 News: Hurricane Preparation
(time: 00:02:17)
Robert discusses plant and tree actions that should be taken prior to hurricane season.